Custom-Made Arisaid

The Arisaid (AIR-uh-sedge) is the the ladies' traditional Highland Dress. At right is R. R. McIan's 1845 illustration from "Costumes of the Clans." The garment is described as "made of sufficient length to reach from the neck to the ankles & being nicely plaited all round, fastened at the waist with a belt & secured on the breast by a large brooch." Below is the Arisaid in our time.

We offer three Arisaid Lengths in light weight wool, fringed on two ends.

$215 - 2 yard
$255 - 2.5 yard
$295 - 3 yard

Determining Length: Measure from the ankles, up the back, over the shoulder & down to at least 6" below the waist. This will give you enough fabric to achieve a variety of looks. The longer the arisaid, the fuller the look.

Delivery Time - 6-8 Weeks

Please note: The Arisaid is just the tartan outer garment. We do not carry the chemise, bodice or belt.

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Arisaid Maclan
Ladies Arisaid
Ladies Arisaid
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