Barbour Bags & Luggage

Rugged, Stylish and Timeless. Barbour Bags go to the office and to school. They travel around the world and run out for errands.
They carry your laptop, cell phone, business papers and clothes. Think Barbour Bags when you want to look good and get the job done.

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Barbour Tarras Bag

Barbour Tarras Bag - $199

Barbour Briefcase

Barbour Briefcase - $219

Barbour Waxed Cotton Mail Bag

Barbour Mail Bag / Courier - $199

Barbour Waxed Cotton Laptop Bag

Barbour Leeboard Laptop Bag - $329

Barbour Waxed Cotton Holdall Overnight Bag

Barbour Holdall Overnight Bag - $249

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