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Baird Tartan

Baird Clan Motto: Dominus Fecit - "The Lord Made."
Baird Family Tartan Modern Baird Family Tartan Ancient
Baird Modern Baird Ancient

Baird Tartan Scarf, Necktie & Sash

All Tartan Items are 100% Wool - Woven & Made in Scotland
Tartan Plaid Scarf Available in 500 Tartans

Tartan Scarf
9" x 57" Approx.

Tartan Plaid Ties Neckties

Tartan Necktie

Tartan Sash

Tartan Sash
11" x 90" approx.

Baird Tartan Fabric & Apparel can be ordered from:

Irish Traditions
(Yes, they do Scottish Tartans as well)
Annapolis, MD
Mon-Sat 10-6 / Sun 11-5
Ask for Margaret or Joanie

Tartan Cummerbund and Bow Tie Sets

Cummerbund & Bow Tie Set

Scottish and Irish Tartan Fabric by the Yard

Baird Tartan Fabric

Tartan Serape - Ruana

Baird Tartan Serape / Ruana

Kilted Skirt

Baird Kilt Skirts

  Tartan Shawl  Available in 500 Tartans 100% Wool

Baird Tartan Shawl

Formal Kilt Outfit

Baird Kilt
"Baird Tartan" is the proper term, but it sometimes called by these names:
Tartan Plaid - Clan Plaid - Family Plaid - Tartan Colors - Clan Colors - Family Colors