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Claddagh Jewelry

What is the Meaning of the Claddagh? - "Love, Loyalty & Friendship"

The early history of the Claddagh goes back over 400 years to a small fishing village nestled on the shores of Galway Bay. Here the Claddagh became a token of love, loyalty and friendship, when a seafaring Spanish goldsmith fell in love with a girl from the Claddagh village and crafted the first Claddagh ring for her. Since that time the Claddagh has become a symbol of love throughout the world. Claddaghs make beautiful friendship rings or promise rings.

The crown is for loyalty, as a man promises to be loyal for life to his betrothed. The hands represent friendship as one's partner in life is also one's best friend. The heart stands for Love - "My Heart is in Your Hands."

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring

On the right ring finger with the bottom of the heart pointing to the fingertip, it means your heart has not been won.

On the right ring finger with the crown pointing to the fingertip, it means you are romantically involved.

On the left hand wedding ring finger, it means you are married or engaged.

Silver Claddagh Ring


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