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What is Worsted Wool?

We see that term on the labels of fine woollen clothing, and it's somehow reassuring, but most people don't know what it really means.

Worsted yarns are those made from the longer fibers of fine quality wool, which are combed to lie parallel to each other producing a smooth, clean look. The yarn is then spun with a twist of 15-25 turns per inch, five times higher than that of a regular woollen yarn. The higher the twist, the stronger the yarn.

Fabrics made with worsted yarns have a smooth finish, fine texture, an excellent drape, and wear comfortably in moderate climates. Medium & Heavy weight tartans are suitable as upholstery fabric.

All tartans are not available in all weights. We've divided the tartans into weight & subject groups below.
If the tartan you're looking for is not in a particular weight list, it means it is not available in that weight.

Tartan Colorway Codes
No Code: Modern Htg: Hunting
OC: Ancient Mtd: Muted
DR: Dress WR: Weathered

For explanations of Colorways, visit our Tartan Basics page.

Swatch: Cameron of Erracht   Tartan

Tartan Fabric by the Yard

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