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Our Kilt Philosophy: Let us be your personal guide to ordering a Kilt. We've found that the best way to get things right is to work one-on-one with each customer. Shopping cart systems are not effective for a kilt because there are so many variables and the first-time kilt buyer can easily make a mistake. We'd rather be your guide through the process to make it easier for you.

If you're just discovering tartans, start with the Tartan 101 page. You can access images on the Tartan Master List, see our range of Kilt Packages and get a Quote online. Or you can phone the shop from 10-5 Eastern Monday to Saturday at 877-607-7787.

Please Note: Kilts are Custom Made. Delivery time is usually 8-10 weeks

A kilt is an investment that will last longer than any garment in your closet, and it will never go out of style. You can wear it on a hike or to a formal ball. Dress it up or down, it goes anywhere.

The traditional art of kiltmaking is a combination of unique sewing skills and geometry that takes years to master. Our kilts are made only with 100% Worsted New Wool in over 500 Authentic Tartans.

Kilts vary in price depending on the tartan, weight & your measurements. (Base prices are at the bottom of this page.) We've found that the best way to get things right is to work one-on-one with each customer.

Please phone the shop or use the Kilt Enquiry form linked here and we'll get started.

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The kilts we sell are made to measure for you, and are handmade from start to finish by one kiltmaker. There are no assembly lines. The most popular kilt is made with 8 yards of the finest tartan wool and has three leather straps with buckle closures.

Pleating & Length

Most kilts are made so that the sett (repeating pattern) of the tartan is reproduced in the pleats. This is called "pleating to the sett" as shown in the photos here. Military style kilts can be "pleated to the stripe" so that a narrow bright stripe appears in each pleat. Not all tartans are suitable for pleating to the stripe. Please enquire.

Mercifully, the hemline of the kilt is not subject to the whims of French fashion. It should be worn just below the top of the knee.

Kilted Skirt

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Kilt Packages

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Kilting Tartans & Prices

All of our Tartan fabrics are made with 2-ply worsted wool yarns. Worsted yarns are those made from the longer fibers of fine quality wool, which are combed to lie parallel to each other, producing a smooth, clean look. The yarn is then spun with a twist of 15-25 turns per inch, five times higher than that of a regular woollen yarn. The higher the twist, the stronger the yarn. Fabrics made with worsted yarns wear comfortably in moderate climates.

Please Note: Kilts are custom made & usually take 8 - 10 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

Printable Kilt Measurement Form

You can save money with one of our six Kilt Outfit Packages!

Regulation 8-yard Kilt - 13 oz. Medium Weight

This classic kilt weight makes sharp pleats with an excellent hang & swing.

From $695
Regulation 8-yard Kilt - 11.5 oz. Light Weight

Suitable for warm-weather climates. Because it is lighter it will not have the drape of the Medium or Heavy weights.

From $635
Regulation 8-yard Kilt - 16 oz. Heavy Weight

This weight is popular with the serious kilt owner and is the choice of most pipe bands. Excellent hang & swing.

From $725
4-yard Casual Kilt - 10-11 oz. Light Weight - Machine Made From $435
Great Kilt / Feileadh Mor From $555


Kilt Gift Certificates Available

Pipe Band & Wedding Enquiries Welcome!

Attention Bridegrooms!!

Please be sure to order your kilt at least three months before the big day.
When you buy the ring, start your kilt order, too.
You don't want to end up in the doghouse before you get married!

Tartan Availability - E-Mail the name of the clan or tartan, and we'll let you know which varieties are available in which weights.

Delivery - Usually 8-10 weeks. Urgent orders may be possible in less time, but a surcharge may apply.

Please Note:
When planning your order that many Scottish mills close for summer holidays. If you place your order between June & September, the delivery time could be lengthened by as much as four weeks.

Kilt photographs used by permission of Strathmore Woollen Company

For a comprehensive guide to wearing the kilt, and all its accessories, visit


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