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Tara's Diary Rings

SALE - OVER 40% Off

Tara's Diary Celtic Stacking Rings

The stacking rings are fun to mix & match. Indulge your whimsy and creativity. Choose a theme, a color or both. Match your bracelet or let the rings stand alone. Silver, bright enamels, 14k Gold accents and traditional Celtic symbolism.

Ring Sizes: Our stacking rings are available in sizes 6, 7, 8 & 9 - Whole Sizes Only. A multiple ring stack will usually call for a half to full size larger than you normally wear. Also, these rings are wonderfully suited for a non-traditional finger - like the middle or forefinger. Please have your size checked before you order.


Tara's Diary Stacking Rings

Tara's Diary Celtic Ring Sale

Green Crystal Claddagh 3-Ring Set
Reg. $179 - SALE $99


Irish Stacking Rings Sale

Black Crystal Heart 3-Ring Set
Reg. $179 - SALE $99


Tara's Diary Stacking Ring Sale

Claddagh Green Heart 3-Ring Set
Reg. $170 - SALE $99

Shamrock Ring Sale

Shamrock 3-Ring Set
Reg. $181 - SALE $99

Amethyst Stacking Ring

Celtic Purple
Reg. $69 - SALE $39

Claddagh Heart Stacking Ring

Claddagh Green Heart
Reg. $55 - SALE $32

Trinity Knot Red Stacking Ring

Trinity Knot Red
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Eternity Knot Red Stacking Ring

Infinity Knot Red
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Claddagh for Life Stacking Ring

Claddagh for Life
Reg. $57 - SALE $33

Tara's Diary Irish Dancer Ring

Irish Dancer
Reg. $68 - SALE $39

Tara's Diary Irish Harp Ring

Irish Harp
Reg. $70 - SALE $39

Tara's Diary Shamrock Ring

Reg. $60 - SALE $35

Tara's Diary Claddagh Ring

Reg. $65 - SALE $38

Tara's Diary Rings - I Love You Heart

White Crystal Heart
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Tara's Diary Crystal Heart Celtic Ring

Black Crystal Heart
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Celtic Stacking Rings I Love You Crystal Heart

Green Crystal Heart
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Trinity Knot Purple Stacking Ring

Trinity Knot Purple
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Tara's Diary Celtic Cross Ring

Celtic Cross
Reg. $67 - SALE $39

Tara's Diary Rings Claddagh Dangle

Claddagh / Green Dangle
Reg. $69 - SALE $39

Celtic Symbol Stacking Ring

Celtic Symbols
Reg. $53 - SALE $31

CZ Celtic Stacking Ring

Celtic CZ
Reg. $69 - SALE $39

Green Stacking Ring

Celtic Green
Reg. $69 - SALE $39

Tara's Diary Pink Stacking Ring'

Celtic Pink
Reg. $69 - SALE $39

Tara's Diary Red Stacking Ring

Celtic Red
Reg. $69 - SALE $39

Mo Anam Cara Stacking Ring

Mo Anam Cara "Soulmate"
Reg. $52 - SALE $30

Celtic Heart & Soul Ring

Celtic Heart & Soul
Reg. $53 - SALE $31

Tara's Diary Trinity Green Ring

Trinity Knot Green
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Infinity Knot Green Ring

Infinity Knot Green
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Tara's Diary Trinity Pink Ring

Trinity Knot Pink
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Infinity Knot Pink Stacking Ring

Infinity Knot Pink
Reg. $64 - SALE $37


Trinity Knot White Stacking Ring

Trinity Knot White
Reg. $64 - SALE $37

Tara's Diary Ring

Trinity Knot Black
Reg. $64 - SALE $37


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