Scottish and Irish Celtic Weddings

On sea or land, in a cathedral or an ice castle, formal or intimate - Scottish & Irish Weddings can go anywhere.

We can outfit the gents, accessorize the ladies & even get you tartan by the yard to decorate the reception. We offer seven different kilt packages & discounts for groups.

Remember - to have a stress-free event, please place your kilt orders at least 3 months before the big day.

Celtic Wedding & Engagement Rings

Celtic Wedding & Engagement Rings

Cameron Wedding in Aruba

For the Cameron wedding in Aruba, we outfitted the groom & provided the accessories for the bride. Rick surprised Rebecca with the Cameron sash & a Sterling Celtic brooch at the ceremony. It was quite a hit.

County Kilkenny kilt outfit & custom woven silk sash

County Kilkenny Kilt Outfit

Great Kilts for the Historic & free-spirited

Great Kilts for the Historic & free-spirited

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