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Celtic Jewelry with Meaning

Celtic Symbols lend meaning, history and legend to our Irish Jewelry. Claddagh, Rowan Tree of Life, Ogham, Window to the Soul and Gaelic messages jewelry will speak each day of your thoughtfulness and caring. More than a beautiful gift, give your heart as well.

The Claddagh stands for Love, Loyalty & Friendship. The Rowan is considered the Tree of Life. Ogham is the oldest form of Celtic writing. Gaelic necklaces that translate to "A Beautiful Heart," "My Soulmate," and "Forever." This lovely jewelry embodies Love, Friendship, Courage, Endurance & Blessings.

Here are some examples of Celtic themes embodied in beautiful jewelry.

Mo Anam Cara - My Soulmate Necklace

Mo Anam Cara Necklace
"My Soulmate" in Gaelic

Rowan Tree Necklace

Rowan Tree of Life

Sheila Fleet Ogham Blessing Necklace

Ogham Blessing Necklace


Tara's Diary Bracelet

Tara's Diary Charm Bracelet

Rowan Tree of Life Necklace & Ring

Keith Jack Tree of Life

Keith Jack Window to the Soul Jewelry

Keith Jack Window to the Soul

Silver Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Rings


Mo Anam Cara Wedding Ring

Celtic & Claddagh Wedding Rings