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Formal Kilt Package

What's a Kilt Package?

Hint: It's not underneath the Kilt!

What is a kilt? It's more than just "a skirt worn by men," as some might be quick to claim. A kilt is an all-purpose garment. It can be worn for something as rugged as hiking up a mountain or as formal as a wedding. A kilt allows total freedom of motion and gives a clean, crisp appearance while showing confidence and Scottish or Irish pride. If you've always thought you couldn't wear a kilt, think again: any man can wear a kilt. Universally practical and universally flattering!

Of course, if you're going to take the leap and invest in a kilt, you really should go all the way and get a kilt package. Stop snickering; it's not that kind of package. A complete kilt package consists of the following elements for kilt styling success.

What to look for in a Kilt Package

It depends on where you're going to wear your kilt outfit and your budget. Kilts are extremely versatile and as long as your first occasion is not a formal event, you can probably add your accessories over time.

Sporrans: At the very least, you must have a Sporran & Strap, because kilts don't have pockets. Sporrans come in Casual, Semi-Dress & Dress styles. Casual sporrans are usually full-body leather. Semi-Dress will have a leather body with a fur/skin front. Dress Sporrans have a leather bag/back, full fur/skin front and a metal Cantle.

Kilt Hose & Flashes: Unless you're going hiking or to a sporting event, you'll need Kilt Hose (Socks) with Flashes & Garters. These items are sold separately. The Flashes can be made with the tartan that matches your kilt or a solid color wool.

Kilt Belt & Buckle: A Kilt Belt is 2" to 2.5" wide, most often made of black leather. Confirm that your kilt will have belt loops in the back before you buy the belt.

Kilt Pin: Kilt Pins are meant to be decorative. Please do not pin it through to the underapron of your kilt or skirt, you will risk tearing the tartan.

Jackets: The most popular jacket styles are the Argyll and Prince Charlie. The Prince Charlieis a short-bodied jacket (also called a "coatee") usually comes with a vest. This jacket is for formal occasions where you might wear a tuxedo. The Argyll jacket has a longer body and is more versatile than the Prince Charlie. You can wear it out to dinner or to a formal event. It works for situations where you would wear a suit or a sport coat.

Ghillie Brogues: Dress Shoes with laces that tie around the ankle.

Fly Plaid & Brooch: Pronounced fly played. A fly plaid is a square of tartan fabric that matches your kilt. It is fringed on the edges and has a pleat sewn in one corner. The plaid is attached to the left shoulder with a brooch or pin and hangs down the back. Fly Plaids can be made with a Plain or Straight Fringe - usually about one inch, or the longer Knotted Fringe. The Knotted Fringe is an elegant look, but the process is very labor intensive which means a premium price. Most often worn on formal occasions.

Sgian Dubh: Pronounced SKEE-un doo. It translates to "black knife." The knife is worn in the top of the kilt hose with the hilt showing. This is a traditional part of Highland attire, but please give thought to security situations where weapons are not allowed. Don't even think of putting one in your carry-on bag.

Jacobite Shirt: For a Casual or Historic look. Usually made of cotton or muslin with a leather lace at the neck.