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Nicholas Mosse Pottery

Linda Clifford has retired and Scottish Irish Merchant is closed. We are referring our Nicholas Mosse clients to Ann Marie's in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Ann Marie carries an extensive range of Nicholas Mosse and they will be happy to assist you.

Ann Marie's
Minocqua, WI

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Clover Pattern

Nicholas Mosse Pottery & Dinnerware

Handmade in County Kilkenny, Ireland

This beautiful Irish pottery is handthrown from strong earthenware, then each design element is applied separately with intricately cut sponges. Delicate details give the pottery an unusually light and elegant appeal. This type of spongeware, using colorful repeating patterns and borders, derives from a Victorian tradition which began around 1850. Based on this early technique, Nicholas Mosse Pottery displays the unique and happy spontaneity which only truly handmade objects possess.

Nick's insistence on quality and his team's committment to it have made the pottery one of the most exclusive and best studio workshops in Ireland, indeed, even in the whole of the British Isles. The flowers and animals exist in their own special world, making a cabinet full of Nicholas Mosse Pottery as irresistible as the Irish countryside.

New Collectors - Please Note: No two pieces of Nicholas Mosse Pottery are ever exactly alike. This individuality is what makes it treasured around the world. Each piece is hand-thrown & painted by different people, so there are always variations, even within the same pattern series. Look on the bottom of any piece & you'll find a little stamp with two or three initials - that's the person who painted the piece.

Old Rose

Old Rose Lunch Plate


Nicholas Mosse Clover Dinner Plate


Clematis Lunch Plate


Forget Me Not Dinner Plate

Wildflower Meadow

Nicholas Mosse Wildflower Pattern Dinner Plate

Holiday / Christmas

Nicholas Mosse Reinder Pattern Lunch Plate

Landscape Pony

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Horse Lunch Plate

Landscape Hen

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Hen Lunch Plate

Landscape Cat

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Cat Lunch Plate

Landscape Cow

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Cow Lunch Plate

Landscape Dog

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Dog Lunch Plate

Landscape Duck

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Duck Lunch Plate

Landscape Farmhouse

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Hen Lunch Plate

Landscape Sheep

Nicholas Mosse Pottery Sheep Lunch Plate