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Linda Clifford retired in 2014.
The web site will remain as an information portal on Tartans & other subjects of Celtic interest.

Linda Clifford’s expertise in Celtic heritage and merchandise has its roots in an unlikely source: a photograph on a record cover.

Linda, who grew up in North Carolina, entered retailing in her early 20s when she took a job with a record store chain. She quickly worked her way up into management roles. One day, while unpacking new inventory, she stumbled across a copy of Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony.

"The cover of the album knocked me off my feet. It was a moody, misty picture of Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness. I didn’t know anything about classical music or Scotland, but it got to me."

She worked in the music business until 1976, at which time she headed north to ski country. She met her husband, John, while she was working at Mount Snow, Vermont. They later moved to Killington.

But she never forgot that moody album cover. "One year, John got a good bonus. It was the first time we were ever in the position to take a nice trip. I said I wanted to go to Scotland." Linda and John fell in love with the country and its people, and have since returned so many times I’ve lost count.

Linda & John Clifford
Linda Clifford - Scottish & Irish Merchant

Clifford worked the craft show circuit for nearly fifteen years selling her quilts until the grind of midweek production and weekend traveling began to take its toll. Inspiration struck during a trip to Scotland in the mid-‘90s. On a trip to Scotland, she got the idea to make pillows & throws in tartans.

She changed her work to a tartan focus & went back out on the craft show circuits. I was only marginally successful, she says, because it's a real niche market. But the Internet was just starting to grow so I put up the website and was successful almost immediately.

Clifford’s deepening reach into the market and rapidly-developing expertise in tartans proved attractive to Internet customers. "They started asking me for kilts, and then for full Highland attire and accessories. I knew a tremendous amount about these things, but I really didn’t know there’d be so much interest in the States. Since I started providing these items, the website has grown by leaps and bounds."

The Linda Clifford retail showroom opened in 2001 in Bethel, Maine. "I always said that if I decided to go brick-and-mortar, it would have to be a unique location, so when this space became available I jumped on it. The space fit the product. I added the Irish items when I opened the store. It’s a tiny shop, so I decided I was going to handle only the best of the best – and that’s what I offer today, both online and in the store."

Showroom Bethel, Maine